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3 Really Cool Hacks For When The Weather Gets Really Cool

It may be hard to believe but we are diving deep into fall and before we know it, old man winter will be knocking on our doors.  Not only is winter on the horizon, but this winter is forecasted to be more harsh than usual because of the El Nino.  The El Nino is expected to bring below normal temperatures from the north and more moisture from the Gulf along with it.  This means a cooler, wetter winter which could lead to some nasty conditions this winter.  But, we didn’t have to wait until winter to feel a taste of it.  This fall, we have already seen temperatures in the 30’s for overnight lows in the Southeast and even some areas up north like New York and Chicago have even issued frost and freeze advisories!

So with the chilly weather coming, we have found 3 hacks that can keep you and your family warm and safe as the temperatures continue to fall.

1) Park towards the East


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We have all been there. Running out to the car on a cold morning to scrape or defrost the ice off your car and be a burden.  It doesn’t even have to rain or snow the night before for there to be ice. Just simply having moisture in the air can easily coat a windshield. But, one trick can help with this problem. When a frost or freeze is expected, try parking towards the east before you go to bed.  The sun rises in the east.  This means when the sun starts to rise in the morning, your car will already face the same direction where the sun can insulate the windshield and start defrosting it without even having to turn on your car!  This will lead to safe driving in the morning and more money in your wallet with less gas usage.

2)  Set your ceiling fan on reverse


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When the weather get cool at night, inside your home can easily get cool as well.  To cut back on the heating bill, this neat trick can help keep you and your family warm during the night.  If you set your ceiling fan on the low setting and in reverse (which is clockwise) it can help you stay warm.  Warm air rises, so if you set your ceiling can on reverse; it will take warmer air that is trapped near the ceiling back down to the floor.  This can help you stay warm and help your electricity bill because the heater won’t be needed as much.

3) Keep your bath water



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This may seem a little gross but your bath/shower water holds one thing that people really want this fall and winter: HEAT!  When you take a hot bath or shower, be sure to not drain the water, and also be sure to keep the bathroom door open.  The water holds a lot of heat that isn’t just going down the drain.  The warm water also can help humidify the dry air in your home. This helps your home stay warm and humid so you don’t catch a cold or get too dry during the chilly night.

With fall in full swing and the temperatures dropping, staying warm and battling the cold will start to become tougher.  With these hacks and more, you and your family can have an easier time dealing with the cold months ahead. If you have some cool hacks for the cold that you would like to share with us, you can comment them below! Also, to see how the El Nino will affect your winter ahead you can stay updated with Campus Connect and MSU weather for the latest updates.  ~Adam Bowles