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Above Average Temperatures Ahead of Cold Front- Week of October 2nd Forecast

Above Average Temperatures Ahead of Cold Front- Week of October 2nd Forecast

Oct 2, 2023

Spooky season has arrived, and high pressure continues to dominate the forecast both tonight and for the next couple of days. This is keeping things warm and dry across Northeast Mississippi. Monday has seen mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in the upper 80s. Tonight, we will cool down into the 70s after sunset. Heading out the door tomorrow, the forecast will be almost a carbon copy of today’s. Temperatures will start out sort of chilly in the upper 50s, but warm by 30 degrees as we head into the afternoon. High temperatures will reach into the upper 80s once again, so if you wear a jacket to your first class, you definitely will not need it by the end of the day. Thankfully, the air is dry enough to keep the heat index down with dewpoints in the 50s throughout this week. Tuesday night will see temperatures drop into the 50s once again, but we will be approaching the lower 90s by Wednesday afternoon as we have another day full of sunshine across the area.

 Not only are these temperatures several degrees above average for the beginning of October, we will also continue to see drought conditions. Tomorrow will remain dry as well as the next several days. The next chance for rain arrives towards the end of this week as a cold front moves into the area late on Thursday. Ahead of this, we are expecting to see scattered showers and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm ranging from late Thursday to Friday evening. No severe weather is anticipated for this system. Overnight temperatures will remain in the mid 60s during this time. Afterwards, fall-like weather will finally arrive as high pressure builds back in for the weekend. While Thursday and Friday will warm into the lower to mid 80s amidst showers, the weekend will see afternoon highs around 10 degrees cooler than that. We may struggle to reach 70 by Saturday. 

This is great news for anyone heading out to see Mississippi State play Western Michigan at Davis Wade Stadium this weekend. Kickoff is at 11am, so these cooler temperatures will definitely make the afternoon game a more pleasant experience. Overnight lows will dip down into the 40s, making for cooler than average conditions. People who have been awaiting crisp fall weather should be very excited for the start of next week as it is almost time to unpack those sweaters and enjoy some pumpkin flavored goodies. Event though the first week of October has gotten off to a warm start, cooler weather is on the way.

Annea Scales

Student Meterologist